Stephens Road

Front and back garden

This Edwardian property was landscaped to the front and rear.

The front garden was designed by Strata, materials were chosen which were sympathetic to the property. A mosaic tiled footpath highlights the entrance to the front door.

Traditional brickwork frames the garden and separates planting from the gravel area.

The side path was paved using original clay pavers and the existing cast iron manhole cover retained as a nod the properties history.

Three topiary bay trees, create structure and add privacy.

The rear garden was constructed by Strata, but featured a more contemporary design.

Light grey porcelain tiles were laid with a clay paver feature inlay, creating a modern terrace for dining.

A raised planter was built with a cantilevered hardwood bench.

The lower garden was edged with steel edging, it includes a footpath leading to the garden office and generous planting beds to both sides.